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Hamilton Lake Clinic

We are Hamilton-based General Practice Located in the heart of Hamilton. We now have 2 branches in Hamilton

1. 31 Pembroke street , Hamilton Lake

2. 226 Grey street, Hamilton East

We believe in maintaining a long-term Doctor-patient relationship. We focus on providing continuity of care and strive to provide same-day appointments for our patients. We are committed to keep the cost of services  as low as possible and make health care affordable to all sections of society.


Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines for all age groups over 6 months are available now. Please book your appointments for flu Vaccines.

** There has to be at least a 2-week duration between the  COVID 19 Vaccine and the flu vaccine**


COVID Vaccine roll out plan – Ministry of health

Presently people in  Group 2 as per the ministry rollout plan are getting immunized.

Please follow the link below for detailed information



Under Level 1 restrictions we are doing more than 90% face-to-face consults. However, if anyone wants a phone consult, we will be happy to do that. Standard charges will apply.

After hours Sevice

*** After Hours Phone triaging will be provided by Homecare medical from 1 April 2021. The calls will be taken by a qualified nurse and she will do phone triaging and provide advice. If face to face consult is advised to  the patient, they can utilize the services of  following After hours service providers in Hamilton

24 hours service Providers

  1. Tui medical, 26 Bryant Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3200, Phone: 0800 175 175
  2. Anglesea Clinic, Gate 1 Cnr Thackeray, Anglesea Street, Hamilton 3420,  Phone: 07-858 0800

8 am to 8 pm service

Victoria Clinic,173 Anglesea Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3204, Phone:07-834 0333


Please take a screenshot of the direct bank transfer and email it to at the time of booking the appointment.

Pembroke street acc #03-0318-0054332-000

Grey street acc #03-0318-0054332-000