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Hamilton Lake Clinic

We are Hamilton-based General Practice Located in the heart of Hamilton. We now have 2 branches in Hamilton

1. 31 Pembroke street , Hamilton Lake

2. 226 Grey street, Hamilton East

We believe in maintaining a long-term Doctor-patient relationship. We focus on providing continuity of care and strive to provide same-day appointments for our patients. We are committed to keep the cost of services  as low as possible and make health care affordable to all sections of society.


Anglesea clinic will charge Hamilton Lake Clinic for every visit YOU make there, in addition to what they charge you.

This includes under 14yr children (who are supposed to be free) and ACC.

This will increase our operating costs significantly.

We would encourage you to call us between 8 am and 11pm, Monday – Sunday (7 days) before going to Anglesea clinic unless its very urgent. 

Our telemedicine service will cost you less and will help us to keep your REGULAR consultation charges low in the long run. (Costs given in fees section)

Our after hours Number is – 0226201600


We are very happy to announce  a new clinic on 226 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton. This is a VLCA clinic ( Consultation charge is only $19). Opens Monday to Friday between 0830 am and 5 pm.


We provide after hours / walkin appointments  ONLY for our registered patients at our Pembroke street clinic between 5 pm  and 7 pm Monday to Thursday and on Saturday between 9 am and 3 pm. Please call the clinic if you need an after hour appointment with in the clinic opening hours. Casual patients will only be seen as walk in patients if the clinic has the capacity to see them. WE ARE NOT AN A&M CLINIC AND DO NOT SERVICE PATIENTS FROM OTHER CLINICS UNLESS THEY ARE REGISTERING WITH US. Our after hours service is for our registered population only.