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SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS Book an Appointment With 3 locations across town (and a 4th opening soon!) WELCOME TO HAMILTON LAKE CLINIC
Pembroke Street clinic will be under major renovation from 2nd October untill
further notice so the site will be closed and all patients will need to temporarily
book appointments at Grey Street Clinic, Dinsdale Clinic & Rototuna Clinic.
Pembroke Street clinic will be
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About Our Clinics

We are Hamilton-based General Practice Located in key locations throughout Hamilton. We provide a wide range of service to our clients which Include General practice, mole screening, skin cancer diagnosis, skin cancer surgery, Minor Surgery, Travel medicine consults, Home visits to those registered patients who are unable to come in because of health reasons (Palliative patients). We believe in maintaining a long-term Doctor-patient relationship and focus on providing continuity of care to our patients. We believe that affordable health care should be provided to all and are striving to provide best possible access to those who need it the most at best price allowed under the current funding system to the clinic.

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Our Services at clinic

At Hamilton Lake Clinic Medical we offer a wide range of medical services. Contact us for more information and below is the list of our services:

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Pembroke Street Clinic

Grey Street Clinic

Rototuna Clinic

Dinsdale Clinic

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