What do I wear to my mole screening appointment?

You may wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing (which you will not need to fully remove) that doctors can work around easily.  Please remove nail polish and avoid heavy make up if possible

How Much time will it take?

Arrive 15 min before the appointment time so that we can gather information about your health and identify risk for skin cancer. The appointment will be
15 min for Spot check – Up to 5 moles identified by patient
25  min for Skin check and Photograph the concerning lesions
30 min for Full body mole check with digital dermoscopy and full body imaging

How are Images stored?

Mole surgery has digital image storage available for future comparison and monitoring of lesions.

How do we book appointments?

You can book appointments online, texting or by calling our Mole surgery.

What if I have a mole report from somewhere else?

We will be happy to assist with the treatment and excision.

What if we need mole check for our employees?

The Mole check can be booked to visit your Organization or workplace for mobile mole screening with a skin cancer doctor, for one day or multiple days, Hamilton, Cambridge, Morrinseville, Te Awamutu, Huntly, Raglan. Minimum booking of 16 people for the organizational or group bookings.

What if the cancer is on the face?

Most of the lesions can be removed at the mole surgery. However the patient selection is done carefully and a plastic surgeon will be made if the procedure cannot be done at the surgery.

What if I have medical insurance?

Since this is a new facility it is not accreted by southern cross yet. We are working on this and will be done soon.