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Mole screening

1.  Spot check – Up to 5 moles of patient concern => 15 min appointment — $75/- inc of GST.
2. Skin check + Digital photography of suspicious lesions => 30 min appointment — $140/- inc of GST.
3.  Full body Digital mole check with Full body digital photography => 30 min appointment => $150/- inc of GST.
4.  Repeat Annual follow up Full body mole check and Full body digital photography => $140 inc GST

Free Mole check

If you are concerned about a mole over 12 months following a full body digital mole check, the mole doctor will check up to 2 moles for free (10 Min appointment)

Surgery cost

The surgery costs is based on Average time expected for the procedure:
1.    Surgery Under 20 min –$150/- inc of GST.
2.    Surgery 20-40 min — $300/- inc of GST.
3.    Surgery 40-60 min–$450/- inc of GST.
4.    Surgery>60 min –TBA
5.    Punch biopsy/shave biopsy- $120/- inc of GST.

Costs for your surgery or treatment, if required, will be advised at your first appointment.